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Read my interview about enhancing customer experience with high-performing conversational AI

Wikifriend offers a platform which uses artificial intelligence-driven conversational technology to facilitate access to digital content that would otherwise require articulated steps for enjoyment. The platform allows businesses to offer a continuous support service guaranteeing a personalized conversational level improving the customer experience.

Wikifriend is a human-to-machine conversational interface that facilitates the use of complex computer applications for any person, simply by using voice commands. In a word: inclusion, therefore innovation.

From brand reputation management in digital media and fake news recognition to Health Care, Financial Services, Home Automation, and Computer Vision, Wikifriend brings disruptive innovation to the industry.

Delivering AI Assistant while Securing Information
Merge German semantic engine and high-security level sounds good to customers? Yes, it does. As Siri, Alexa or Google Home became quite much criticized by letting analyze the user data by third-party companies, spreading to the internet sensitive data like health issues or sexual issues. And even worse, the device did record and send data to the cloud even when theses voice assistants shouldn´t have heard anything.

Wikifriend knows about these problems and designed another kind of product: a voice assistant, which doesn´t share the user data, because everything is processed locally on the device. This concept is called “privacy by design”, so the customers and their data are protected.

The first conceptual idea of Wikifriend was born in 2005 when Páscal Casadei (one of the two Co-Founders of Wikifriend) participated with the University of Rome in a research project on natural language processing. He was immediately overwhelmed to see the possibilities of this technology. In 2008, Páscal met the other Co-Founder Maria Krausch, who brought the will and the strength to give new life to the project.

A Talented Business Leader
Wikifriend is Co-founded by Páscal Casadei van Raamsdonk, CEO and CTO; and Maria Krausch Chief Marketing Officer of the company. Maria studied journalism, political science, and literature and is passionate about linguistic and storytelling. She worked for the German research organization Fraunhofer, for the German Parliament, at the United Nations Organization WFP and also wrote for several newspapers. Maria is able to transform difficult, complex interrelations into understandable campaigns like press releases or newspaper articles – the basis of voice assistants, which need to answer in a human, empathic way. According to Maria, thanks to this, over the next years, Wikifriend has increasingly specialized in the field, creating a complete solution for the management of voice assistants, commonly known as chatbots.

Achievements that Open Ways to Success
Wikifriend has been used to create some of the top products in the field of Virtual Assistants, serving agencies and working for brands such as Unilever, MSC Cruises and Danone.

Wikifriend is involved in several research and development projects together with universities and research centers across Europe. The company has participated with its partners in some of the most important exhibitions such as CES in Las Vegas in 2019, Chatbot Summit in Berlin in 2017 and 2018, Nanjing Tech Week in 2019 and many others.

Wikifriend is a very productive company and its collaborations are constantly evolving. The company’s products are certified as “made in Germany” and “hosted in Germany” by Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand (Federal association IT medium-sized businesses). Wikifriend is a member of Bundesverband Künstliche Intelligenz (Federal Association of Artificial Intelligence) as well as a business partner of Deep Tech Berlin.

Valuing Users to Stand Out in the Crowd
Wikifriend is based on a proprietary conversational algorithm that is able to interact with the interlocutors adapting the conversation to an emotional and personal base. Thanks to the company’s proprietary Machine Learning technology, the conversation will be more and more perfected. Everything is managed within a platform that follows the paradigm of “privacy-by-default” and “privacy-by-design” that is the true mission of Wikifriend.

“The personal data of our users will finally be his exclusive property and will be his exclusive choice to make use of it. Last but not least, our technology is based on elementary languages and does not use any kind of library or external framework. In perfect integration, our voice and facial recognition technologies, allow on-device installation and brings a new disruption in the field of Computer Vision and Smart Home,” said Maria.

AI Augments Human Intelligence
Commenting on disruptive technologies that impacting today’s innovation, Maria says, “We are already surrounded by automation in many fields that were unpredictable only 50 years ago. Self-driving cars are probably the most impressive today but there are hundreds of other products that we take for granted, like a smartphone, just to mention one.”

According to her, AI, in the end, is everything that is not Human Intelligence, like the first Turing Machine was. But today we are talking about Voice Conversational Devices. In a world that will be every day smarter and more automated, AI gets a new meaning. The new frontier will be Computer Vision powered by augmented and virtual reality. This combination will change the way we will entertain our self and live. For example, the next generations of movies will be totally different from today and as well the way we will do our shopping. Wikifriend will be there to give its contribution.

Emphasizing Innovation for Accomplishment
Maria believes innovation is given by inclusion, as diversity is a key driver of innovation, or at least this is what Wikifriend thinks. An innovative company tries to do its best by creating products and services that will help everyone to be able to use the modern technologies that companies provide to us.

“As we are creating software solutions, we worked to get partners in the industry of smart device manufacturers in Asia and Europe. We are also working pro bono to projects to help people with disability to get more tools to improve the quality of their daily life, using for example Computer Vision,” Maria added.

A Smart Future
Maria feels smart home, virtual entertainment, and healthcare industries are huge opportunities for companies specialized in intelligent predictive algorithms. Wikifriend will integrate Computer Vision and Conversational Agents into these markets.

Source: https://www.analyticsinsight.net/The-10-Most-Intelligent-Automation-Solution-Providers-in-2019/


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