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First proactive conversational smart mirror

We present our solution at the Startup Village at the tradeshow Hotel 2019 at Bozen, Italy.

Our smart mirror is assisted by facial recognition, expressive and vocal, can be a personalized tool for marketing, with personalized advertisement out & in door. The spot could be adaptive to the mood and context of those who see it: you have the angry look, I will send a spot less "cheerful" or vice versa. Are you alone? I'll send a more direct spot, are you in a group? I'll send a spot more suitable for a group.
With a traditional virtual assistant you can only talk, a cognitive assistant integrated in a smart mirror assisted by Computer Vision, can see you and give you practical and spontaneous advice in real time. More


Wikifriend is proud to be associated partner of SPEAKER fraunhofer

Voice assistants are a core technology for human-machine interaction and provide access to product offerings and services via natural language. So far, companies in the US and Asia have dominated the market for voice assistance technology.
Fraunhofer creates a voice assistant platform »Made in Germany« solution which would make this possible by implementing European standards of data security. At the same time, a new level of quality in human-machine communication that goes far beyond the semantic capabilities of current systems is enabling much more user-friendly systems.

To this end, experts from the fields of speech signal processing, natural language understanding, artificial intelligence and software engineering have joined forces at Fraunhofer IIS and Fraunhofer IAIS. Fraunhofer IIS already holds a world-leading position in the field of acoustic signal processing technology, which forms the basis for the high reliability and robustness of speech processing.


Wikifriend developed a publisher bot for BUTAC 

Wikifriend has created a publisher bot that can understand and react to questions, not just do a "normal" search of chat words, but provide a valid tool for us working behind BUTAC and for you reading it. BUTAC is an Italian fake news blog which helps uncover misinformation, incorrect information or misleading news.

From today on Facebook comes a news for BUTAC, we will have a chatbot to respond to your reports. Everything happens thanks to the help kindly offered by Pascal Casadei and Maria Krausch, founders of Wikifriend.

For BUTAC it is a great help, given the number of reports of news already handled that arrive daily. Every time you send us a report of something you would have found in a few seconds using the search engines and the virtual assistant links you to it, it is a gain for us. With the new system everything should be faster and easier. Or at least that's what we hope.


Read my interview about enhancing customer experience with high-performing conversational AI

Wikifriend offers a platform which uses artificial intelligence-driven conversational technology to facilitate access to digital content that would otherwise require articulated steps for enjoyment. The platform allows businesses to offer a continuous support service guaranteeing a personalized conversational level improving the customer experience.

Wikifriend is a human-to-machine conversational interface that facilitates the use of complex computer applications for any person, simply by using voice commands. In a word: inclusion, therefore innovation.

From brand reputation management in digital media and fake news recognition to Health Care, Financial Services, Home Automation, and Computer Vision, Wikifriend brings disruptive innovation to the industry. ...More


Member of KI Bundesverband

We are proud to be a member of the Federal association of Artificial Intelligence which is made up of more than 160 innovative companies, SMEs, start-ups and experts, for whom the development and application of technologies based on artificial intelligence is a central business purpose and the promotion of research, development and practical implementation of AI technologies.


Interview with Deep Tech Berlin
Wikifriend  Nanjing Tech Week Techcode Berlin

Emphatic and interactive voice assistants from Wikifriend

Maria Krausch, Co-Founder of Wikifriend in an interview with Deep Tech Berlin. develops particularly innovative AI-based voice assistants for marketing campaigns, Why our software is much better than other voice assistants? Which technological methods does the Wikifriend software use to analyse the spoken word in order to respond to questions and requests in real time? How does Wikifriend protect the personal data of users?


Wikifriend & at Nanjing Tech Week & Slush 

NJ Techweek is the main innovation & technology event in 2019 in Nanjing. The event will cover 40.000 sqm, 16 Industry specific conferences, world famous SLUSH Conference (celebrated for the first time ever outside of Shanghai), a pitching and matching programme for innovative corporates, SME's and startups.


TUM Entrepreneurship Research Institute
Wikifriend  Nanjing Tech Week Techcode Berlin

Wikifriend participates at a study for Technical University of Munich

An important research therefore investigates how detrimental team processes are managed effectively, and how ventures can best capitalize on their team's resources. We participated for about 6 month at the study of TUM Entrepreneurship Research Institute.


Member of Deep Tech Berlin
Wikifriend Deep Tech Berlin

Wikifriend becomes a partner of Deep Tech Berlin

Wikifriend is proud to become a campaign partner of Deep Tech Berlin. campaign tells the world the strengths of Berlin’s IT industry. Ads in German and international media whet the appetite for the city as a place to work and live. With the Deep Tech Award 2019, the campaign recognizes the innovative strength of up-and-coming start-ups and established companies and generates additional attention for ICT solutions and products "Made in Berlin".


Wikifriend is a plattform which applies Artificial Intelligence to Virtual Assistants, Smart Home, Health Care and Computer Vision

Campaigning tools
Business Intelligence
PaaS or on premise


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