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The chatbots can be used anywhere where communication is required. So-called "actionbots" can not only answer questions, but also carry out actions such as travel bookings or transfers. The areas of application are therefore very diverse, and the use in companies is also increasingly discussed. Here, too, virtual assistants can optimize processes and support communication with customers and partners. In combination with Big Data, which is often still unused in many companies, chatbots can be used for process optimization and simplification in the company.

For example, companies that already use business intelligence systems to visualize and analyze their data can use chatbots specifically to communicate this data knowledge. Imagine, for example, that your revenue falls below a certain level that you previously considered worrisome. In your business intelligence dashboard, you can see this alarming decline in revenue at a glance. Here, the chatbot supports the dashboard's message with voice communication and can underpin the importance of the message. And you don't always have to keep an eye on your dashboard, because the chatbot also speaks up in the event of alarming anomalies. With the help of a link you can also call up the dashboard directly. The possibilities here are very diverse. You can also set up chat groups such as "Sales group". This group is then notified by the chatbot as soon as a customer order is lost or it is used to discuss the reasons for the drop in sales internally. Of course the communication also works the other way round and questions like "How high is my current turnover?" or "How many stocks of product X are still in stock?" can be retrieved via chatbot from the Business Intelligence system.

Another example of the use of chatbots and business intelligence from sales planning: A supply chain manager would like to know the inventory turnover of the last fiscal year. The business intelligence bot then compiles a detailed chart of the inventory turnover, supplemented by other important key figures. Even with precise targets such as "EUR 10,000 in sales by X.X.2017", which have been set in advance, the chat bot can provide information at any time on the current status of target achievement and thus illustrate whether the necessary progress towards the target has been achieved at the current time. Multimedia chatbots can also supplement the information with videos or images.

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