With safety in phase 3 of the
COVID-19 pandemic

Our unique solution combines access control and customer flow control along with the system of measurement  automatic body temperature

Traffic light system

Unique product combining digital inlet control with traffic light system and automated thermometer


Our solution works offline, no internet connection is required and it is GDPR compliant. Our company develops software in principle from privacy by design.

Wikifriend WACS Thermoscanner

Personalized software

Wikifriend develops tailor-made solutions for its customers and works on tailor-made security solutions. Our product can thus be integrated at turnstiles or entrance barriers.

Lightning-fast body temperature measurement

Our product offers contactless body temperature measurement in less than 1 second and offers face recognition

Your advantages.


• Preserves health : measures
body temperature without the
aid of personnel
• Respect privacy: no Internet
connection is required, in
accordance with GDPR
• Produced in Europe: the
software is customized in the
language of the country of sale
• Support in Europe: the system
is maintained within the
national territory of sale


• Multifunction controls
people’s access and flow,
measures body temperature,
verifies the correct use of the
medical mask
• Customizable can be
integrated with security gates
and presence detection and
surveillance systems
• Artificial Intelligence: uses
image recognition algorithms
to check people’s presence to
grand social distancing


• Detractable can be
deducted with the tax
credit and the health and
safety tenders
• Prevident complies with
safety regulations while
preserving extra PPE
• Ready to use easy to
assemble, helps businesses,
shops, offices, schools, hotels
and public places to prevent
the spread of infection

Our products

Smart Health

Two solutions in one. 
With safety.               


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Wikifriend offers Software and Hardware with AI for Smart Home, Smart Health and Virtual Assistants

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