Wikifriend Virtual Assistants capture the attention of the customer

Storytelling is key in Marketing. Using a good Story to describe a Brand Virtual Assistant is what we care to. With proactive and contextual questions we enable the users to chat in a natural and entertaining way. 

We offer semantic surveys in one-to-one chats or with small smart games (gamification). Wikifriend Virtual Assistants works as PaaS or on premise, we don't use any third-party libraries - of course unless this is asked by our customer. 

Wikifriend offers a wide range of back office and Campaigning, Business Intelligence & Analytics tools.

Wikifriend Voice Assistants 

We successfully integrated our voice technology with our Smart Mirror, a company producing Smart Home Servers created as piece-of-art. We integrated our technology in  a heathcare company specialized in Smart Assisted Living with HappySalus.

Wikifriend Messaging Bots

There is actually a big evolution in this field. In 2018 most of our customers asked to have a simple Assistant for brand's social media presence. Now companies start to invest on Customer Relationship Management, thus taking full advantage of semantic technology. With our partner Hej! we created solutions for wellness and cruise companies.

Dynamic conversation

We create a specific content based on a range of environment data such as user gender, preferences, sentiment, profiling. The conversation will never be repetitive or impersonal.

Proactive conversation

We help the conversation to lead to a specific topic, while we continue to answer to any different question. The core of the message will never get lost.

Free Chatbot Templates

You can click here and get our free chatbot templates for different sectors and field of interests.

Wikifriend Hej Sky Fissan MSC Cruises QC Therme Unilever Danone

Success story

We cooperate with with our Virtual Assistants. 

Wikifriend Publisher Bot

Every year more media publisher companies understand the power of semantic search technology, integrated directly into the websites and on the social media channels. Wikifriend offers Publisher Bots in a complete solution for semantic search, favourite content subscription, campaign management and business intelligence tools. We successfully manage social media communication with our Virtual Assistant for media like Butac and many other.

Wikifriend is a plattform which applies Artificial Intelligence to Virtual Assistants, Smart Home, Health Care and Computer Vision

Campaigning tools
Business Intelligence
PaaS or on premise


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Free Chatbot Templates

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