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How do voice assistants protect my user data?
Are Amazon & Google keeping my information secret?

  1. How do voice assistants protect my user data? Cloud-based voice assistants stream every word in the internet. Privacy? They don´t care.
  2. What is a voice assistant with privacy? Wikifriend offers a voice assistants which protects the user ata and runs locally on device. Your user data won´t go to the internet. 
  3. What is privacy by default? Privacy by default means "data protection through data protection-friendly default settings" and means that the factory settings must be designed to be data protection-friendly. 
  4. What is privacy by design? Privacy by Design means "data protection through technology design" and takes up the basic idea that data protection can best be adhered to if it is already technically integrated during the development of a data processing procedure. In other words, the protection of personal data within the meaning of the DSGVO takes place through the early adoption of technical and organisational measures (TOMs) in the development stage.
  5. How can I use my voice assistant offline? To be able to use voice control on Android without an active Internet connection, simply perform the following menu steps:
Open settings
Language and keyboard
Google Speech
offline speech recognition
Install language
These voice commands work offline
Logically, all the knowledge questions for which Google does not have to rely on Wikipedia & Co. do not work. Simple commands, which use device functions, are no problem, because the speech recognition is also amazingly good offline. For example:

"Ok Google: ..."

Turn flashlight on/off
Turn on the WLAN
Switch flight mode on/off
Games Music
Turn Bluetooth on/off
Write SMS to [Contact name]
Open the alarm clock
Open [App]

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